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New York Wine Travel Card FAQ

Wine Travel Card Frequently Asked Questions

How does the New York Wine Travel Card work?

Simply show the 2015 New York Wine Travel Card at any one of our participating member wineries/destinations. There is no card registration required to activate your card savings. View all destinations

What are the numbers on the back of the card for? The numbers on the back of the card each represent a different destination within the 2015 New York Wine Travel Card. Simply use the destination listing sheet to view all destinations and their program number.

What is the group usage policy? Each destination determines their group usage policy. Please be courteous and have at a minimum one card per buying unit. Sharing of cards by a large group is not allowed.

How many times can I use the card? Each destination determines their card usage policy, please inquire at the destination as to a one-time or multiple use card policy.

How many cards should I purchase? That all depends on the destinations offer type. For instance, if a destinations offer is a flat % off purchase, then you could combine purchases to take advantage of the destination discount. However, if a destinations offer is per person; as in a free tasting for 1, then you will need one card per person to take advantage of the free tasting for each person in your group. To be safe, one card per person maybe the best route to maximize your savings.

What happens if I lose my card? Unfortunately there is no replacement of the card if lost, stolen, ruined, etc.

I lost my destination sheet, where can I get another one? You can easily download and print another copy of the destination listing sheet here. Get a new sheet

Will you be adding new destinations? If so, will my card be accepted there? Yes and yes! Please check back periodically on the front page of our web site as we will be adding new destinations throughout the year. All new destinations will be listed in the "What's New" box.

When does the card expire? The 2015 New York Wine Travel Card expires on 12.31.15.

Keep in mind that wineries will not over serve anyone who appears intoxicated. It is the discretion of the winery to serve you or not at time of card usage. Please be safe, courteous and respectful of the winery in which you are visiting. Thank you!

NY Wine Tour Tips

Here are some things to consider:
  • Enjoy some food with your wines
  • Rinse your glass between tastings
  • Explore new wineries
  • Make sure to account for travel time